We cause 70 to 80 percent of skin aging through our lifestyle. But that is exactly our great opportunity – we can change our lifestyle. This is often easier if we know what we are doing to our body. Because everything we do from the outside has a direct and serious effect on the inside of the body. Which 5 aging factors contribute significantly to skin look?

  1. Sun
  2. Alcohol
  3. Smoking
  4. Stress
  5. Sugar


Why does sun cause skin aging? Because of the sun, more free radicals are created in the skin. Due to the increased amount, the body is no longer able to intercept it and prevent the free radicals from causing damage. Free radicals destroy extracellular space. They attack and break down collagen fibers, while at the same time inhibiting the production of new collagen. The consequences of fiber breakdown are a significant loss of elasticity and fluid in the skin. All of these changes are visible in the form of rough wrinkles and sagging skin.


What happens if we take alcohol after work? Alcohol must be broken down at night. Since it is a poison for your organism, this process accordingly comes first for the body. This not only affects the quality of your sleep, but the metabolic processes for cell renewal are put at the back. Alcohol before bedtime, for example, inhibits the release of HGH (human growth hormone). But this is a kind of natural anti-aging hormone and indispensable for fat loss, muscle building and skin renewal.


Nicotine also affects the build-up of new intact collagen fibers by 40 percent.

The quality of the collagen structures is permanently disturbed, because the 8000 different substances that are inhaled with the smoke penetrate deep into the interior of the building material metabolism. In addition, free radicals are generated in the body when smoking, which cause oxidative stress


A little stress in between is not bad, it even has a stimulating effect. Permanent stress, however, also damages our good looks in the long term:
When stressed, the blood is increasingly channeled into the muscles to better supply them with nutrients and oxygen and drawn from the skin, brain and stomach. At the same time, the digestion is reduced. The metabolism then hardly gets any replenishment of nutrients. While permanent stress, the skin is affected twice – due to poor blood circulation and poor digestion – and is only insufficiently supplied with liquid and nutrients. The result: it becomes dry, the elasticity diminishes and the skin looks wrinkled. It also loses its healthy color and looks pale because its veins are less supplied with blood.
With permanent stress, the cortisol level in the blood is constantly too high. At night he deprives us of sleep and massively disrupts the repair metabolism, without which we cannot look good.
When stressed, the body produces less Melatonin, which is responsible for a good night’s sleep – and you can usually see that the next morning: the eyes are swollen or have dark circles because the supply and disposal of the cell metabolism did not have enough time for their work.


Sugar is a beauty killer it sticks on the collagen fibers of the skin. This hardens the skin, loses its elasticity and wrinkles develop faster, especially under the eyes and in the forehead.

Researchers at the University of California headed by Prof. Elissa Epel found that there is a close connection between high sugar consumption and our aging processes. The scientists examined the DNA of more than 5,000 subjects between the ages of 20 and 65 and discovered that the cell aging of those study participants who regularly consumed sweet drinks such as lemonades progressed much faster than those who have a low-sugar diet.

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