The best way to lift your face naturally is using face exercises and massages. Our face muscles like our body muscles need training and relaxing to stay young. How to use them smart for face lifting and reduce wrinkles?

Some muscles are constantly tense (for example, we wrinkle our forehead), others are too relaxed. That’s why we need to relax the first ones with face massage and train the second ones with special face exercises.

Facial exercises designed specifically for the facial muscles. Face exercises benefits:

  • strengthens muscle structure
  • maintains skin elasticity
  • relieves tension
  • improves blood circulation of the skin

The system of exercises for training the muscles of the face, lips, forehead, neck, décolleté, which is combined with massage can be practiced at home.

Benefits of Face Exercises

Face exercises reduce wrinkles without operations and painful procedures due to the contraction and strengthening of the muscles. If you train the muscle the blood flow and the oxygen supply of the skin cells will increase. This accelerates the regeneration of epidermal cells and the skin rejuvenates resulting in freshness and a healthy complexion.

By doing face exercises you also increase lymph flow and relax the overstrained areas on the face. This reduce nasolabial folds, bags, dark spots under the eyes, wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes, mouth, on the cheekbones, between the eyebrows. Wrinkles go away and the face looks pleasant and harmonious. Already after a week of training positive changes will be visible. These practices are harmless to your health and you save money because you can do it yourself at home and for free.

Our facial muscles are constantly in hypertonicity from emotions and everyday stress. That’s why you should not overdo it.

Benefits of Face Massages

What is the effect of facial massage?

The procedure has a complex effect:

  • prevents the appearance of wrinkles
  • improves skin tone
  • improves blood circulation
  • relieves swelling
  • improves complexion
  • due to the stimulation of blood circulation during the massage, the skin is saturated with oxygen, the regenerative processes are enhanced.

How Face Exercises and Face Massages works on different areas of the face

Face exercises and massages program usually include warm-up, workout, and relaxation. Face massages, for example dry brush massage or Gua Sha would be good relaxation after gymnastics. Correct implementation of face exercises helps to get a quick effect. What are face exercises benefits?

  1. Forehead massages help to significantly reduce deep wrinkles and remove the first prerequisites for them.
  2. The thinnest skin of the area around the eyes is most susceptible to aging. Enhanced oxygen supply through face gymnastics and massages accelerates cell regeneration and improves elasticity. Also reducing wrinkles and bags under the eyes.
  3. Face exercises and massages prevent sagging in the cheek area.
  4. Lip line rejuvenation: face exercises and massages smoothes wrinkles around the lips and in the corners of the mouth, relaxes lips, removes the effect of pursed lips, makes lips plump and luscious.
  5. Chin exercises form a beautiful face contour and remove age-related changes, help to get rid of a double chin. Neck is a part of the body that betrays age: fat folds will disappear, the skin will tighten, wrinkles will decrease.
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